2022 Local Election Candidate – Steve Williams, Basingstoke & Deane Independents, Whitchurch, Overton & Laverstoke 

My response to BTN questions is as broadly as follows , whether or not in a position of

Most important issue to address is the lack of leadership, ambition and community

First step is to acknowledge our sustained/continued poor record and performance on key environmental issues such as recycling as indicated in league performance.
This is too important to be left to party politics and being farmed out to a single cabinet member as ‘buggins’ turn. Appoint the best qualified councillor or councillors (lead topics and shared responsibility to head up specific topics.

Talk and engage with individual communities /wards/combination of wards/ across the
borough to identify issues and what they can do to solve them. Instead of dictating from the centre, release the energy of the community for ideas, link action towards the common good initiatives. Build on the example of Sustainable Overton.

We need to stress this route can save money as well as improve our response to our
environment. Delegate some of the budget for local initiatives would be a solid step.

In due course, share what works across the borough, deploy the best ideas for a new
corporate approach. In light of ideas and energy generated, build Borough wide initiatives and address changes needed in, say, Serco contracts. There is much we can do locally building up to a Borough wide programme of action.