Air Pollution resources from Basingstoke Council

The Council officer responsible for air quality monitoring sent us some links to materials about air pollution. They cover two aspects, domestic biomass and solid fuel heating appliances, and reporting a smoky vehicle.

Note that Basingstoke and Deane does not at present have a Smoke Control Zone restricting the use of solid-fuel burners – see

Domestic biomass and solid fuel heating appliances

There are two routes to legally install a domestic solid fuel, wood or biomass burning appliance. HETAS registered installers can self-certify that their work complies with the relevant building regulations, and issue the customer with a certificate of compliance. A copy of the certificate is also sent to HETAS who will notify us on their behalf. Alternatively, if the installer is not HETAS registered you must apply to the Building Control department for a building notice, and pay the appropriate fee, complete a Building Notice form online.

Some appliances are exempt in England when using the specified fuels and operated in accordance with the conditions. For further information on exempt appliances visit DEFRA’s webpage.

The Woodsure Ready to Burn Certification Scheme

The purpose of the scheme is to help inform consumers about the importance of using clean, quality wood fuel to help reduce the impacts of domestic burning on the environment. Further information can be found in the leaflet below:

PDF document

Woodsure Ready to Burn Certification Scheme leaflet (PDF) [213 kb]

Open fires and wood-burning stoves have risen in popularity over recent years. This means we now see more smoke from chimneys which has a negative effect on air quality. This can cause breathing problems such as asthma attacks and contribute to other health conditions.

The leaflet below provides simple steps for those that use wood burning stoves or open fires to reduce environmental and health impacts.

It will also benefit you directly by:

  • maximising efficiency, meaning you burn less fuel
  • keeping chimneys in a better condition

Further information can be found by visiting the UK air DEFRA website.

PDF document

Open fires and wood burning stoves – a practical guide (PDF) [219 kb]

PDF document

We all breathe the same air (PDF) [1009 kb]

Report a smoky vehicle

Report excessively smoky lorries and buses to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) or by calling 0300 123 9000 option 7 (find out about call charges).

When reporting a smoky vehicle please provide:

  • the vehicle registration number
  • the type of vehicle (for example, a car, bus or lorry)
  • the date, time and place that you saw the vehicle, and if possible,
  • the name of the vehicle operator (from the visible logo or decal of the vehicle.

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