BTN celebrates successful Green Week

This year’s Green Week was a great success with plenty of activities involving people and places in the Borough.

We are considering how to go forward next year and would welcome suggestions (please email

After 5 years, we think it is time to review the week.

The aims of Green Week are to engage a wide variety of organisations and residents to organise green events in their areas. The focus on having fun to make green stuff seem more interesting.

We need to market more to get more people along, although the week was very widely publicised.  We need to raise interest in green matters all through the year.

Queries coming out of the meeting:

  • Change time of year? – September is not good for schools?
  • If change to May do we need to miss a year to allow enough time for organisation?
  • If so then instead for 2018 organise 3 or 4 small events eg. film showings throughout the year?
  • Tag on to other council events eg. Transport Festival for Cycle Basingstoke?
  • The Green Market is a very successful event – should we have another one of these?
  • Doing well-spaced single activities might be a good opportunity to see how well attended these events are out of Green Week?
  • If an activity is successful during Green Week, establish it as more regular activity?
  • We need more people willing to get involved on the BTN side and do more work since the Council has slender resources of people’s time.  How do we get more people involved?

Please do contact if you have any comments on these questions or about Green Week 2017 activities.

Thanks – BTN.