Warwick Lovegrove, LibDem, Tadley and Baughurst



(The human race pollute nearly anything and everything.)

In Tadley we do have a build up of air pollution on the 
A340 in the area between the Police Station and the traffic 
lights at Franklin Avenue ,and worse sill around School entrances
at dropping off and picking up times , more especially when the
air is still. To reduce air pollution of this kind will take 
 encouragement and intervention from government to further 
emission reduction this of course would be long term strategy.
Electric cars are now for sale and expensive .I must say I have 
had a diesel 1.6 for the past 2 years and will be changing it 
in the summer .


 I have objected and voted against the Conservative       . 
 Policy  on the Hampshire County Council of no wind farms on
on council owed land, and are they are against the the building 
of wind farms on the bases that that don't function to supply 
constant power supply .This is just an excuse not to have them .
All suitable council buildings should have solar panels on roofs
 Tadley Town Council benefits these on our buildings , 
and Heath End Village Hall .  
There should be more wind farms on land, and off the coast .
Tidal systems are long overdue Swansea Bay, and the Severn estuary
come to mind .   
On nuclear the French owed reactors in the U.K. make a profit for them 
yet the ones in France make a loss .It does not take much to 
work that one out! At the moment they are use to meet peak 
demands .
On a personal view I find it hard that people object to off shore wind 
farms when they look out to sea at  giant oil tankers flushing their tanks 
out ! or worse the risk off get getting wrecked .