About Us

Do you want to see a better future for us, our children and our grandchildren?

Are you concerned about:

Climate change


Peak oil

Ocean acidification

Species extinction

Financial instability

You are in good company.

People across Basingstoke have come together to form Greener Basingstoke. We support community-led responses to climate change and shrinking supplies of fossil fuels; and building local resilience and well-being.

We have been working on the issues we think are most relevant to Basingstoke’s Transition. Nine key themes emerged and each aims to improve the way we live in the Borough. These themes are:

  • Making better use of all our local resources – people, materials and food.
  • Reducing consumption of “stuff” and reducing waste through increased re-use and recycling.
  • Encouraging local production of Renewable Energy.
  • Reducing our Carbon Emissions.
  • Protecting our bio-diversity.
  • Cleaning up the River Loddon.
  • Dealing with Fuel Poverty.
  • Building Sustainable Housing for our children.
  • Promoting wiser Council Investment of our money.

Greener Basingstoke is helping our community to move towards a post fossil fuel economy where we rely more on locally produced goods and services (especially energy). We provide reliable advice from trusted sources on issues as wide as renewable energy and growing our own food to building a strong, resilient local economy. They are raising awareness of the benefits of using renewable energy, local produce and local skills for our local community.

If you think what we are doing is the way forward then contact us now. See you soon.