BTN Statement for COP26 UN Climate Change Conference

Basingstoke Transition Network is calling on all on world leaders for strong and just climate action at COP 26. The climate and ecological crisis is the greatest threat we have ever faced. Climate change is a crisis multiplier that has huge implications for international peace and stability and our safety and security. We cannot afford to wait to act and nations must work together to protect the planet and ensure a stable and equitable future. The science is clear that current action and policies are not delivering the required change as carbon emissions are still rising. The UN advises that carbon emissions are on track to rise by 16% by 2030, rather than fall by half, which is the cut needed to keep global heating under the internationally agreed limit of 1.5C.

At COP26 we ask the world leaders to take the action that we need to keep warming under 1.5 degrees. That governments take the steps needed to deliver on the Paris Agreement commitments and their carbon budgets. We ask for proper investment in solutions that will help tackle the climate and nature crisis. We ask for the cessation of all new fossil fuel projects – we need to keep fossil fuels in the ground. We ask for a swift transition from oil and gas to using renewable energy. We ask for the creation new jobs in energy efficiency, building climate resilience, renewable energy, green homes and clean transport. We ask for legislation to stop banks and investors from funding the fossil fuel industry. We ask for the identification and protection of nature recovery networks, for an increase in tree cover and the genuine protection of forests, oceans and nature. Also, to recognise climate justice and ensure sufficient funds for climate action in countries on the frontline.

The UK must show leadership by investing in the solutions that will help to tackle the climate and nature crisis. The government should commit to investing an extra £30 billion per year in green homes, clean transport and other green solutions to ensure delivery of our commitments and to ensure we can maximise our own benefits from the green transition. It will be more cost effective to act now than deal with the consequences. This is why Basingstoke Transition Network calls for UK and the other world leaders to deliver tougher pledges to cut emissions to keep the goal of 1.5C this COP26.

If you want to show your support for climate action at COP you can attend one of the many events happening across the country. Search this map to find actions and events for the Global Day of Action. Information on events happening in Hampshire is available here.