Local Residents ask Questions of BDBC on Nature and Biodiversity


The entirety of this post was sent to BTN by some local residents and BTN endorses these questions.  If you agree with them please do write to your Councillor in advance of the 15th October Full Council meeting,6.30 pm – watch on YouTube at



Questions on Nature and Biodiversity for Council on October 15 2020

Residents are able to ask questions of Cabinet Portfolio Holders at a full Council meeting if they meet certain conditions. A group of concerned conservation volunteers have submitted questions which they have asked to read out publically at the next full Council meeting on October 15th which begins at 6.30pm. The aim is to seek more engagement and action by Councillors to repair the poor state of biodiversity across this Borough especially on Borough owned land and to ensure children today are better educated about nature and equipped to deal with the consequences of decades of mismanagement and development. What we are asking Council to do is:

  1. Map and deliver urban and rural nature recovery networks as per National Planning Policy to include the creation and safeguarding of green spaces and corridors for species mobility and, solutions to overcoming obstacles to migration and dispersal caused by the built environment.

  2. Schedule with communities and stakeholders extensive habitat restoration to a consistently high standard to deliver biodiversity net gains.

  3. Propose new measures for encouraging, incentivising, empowering and rewarding communities to have oversight and influence over green space services and learning opportunities and meaningful volunteer participation in service delivery.

  4. Propose an urgent and recurring funded programme of outdoor learning for all communities about nature and climate change with a focus on children of school age.

  5. Examine the State of Nature across the Borough and compare spending on nature with all other expenditure.

  6. Review Local Plan policy monitoring criteria reported in the Authority Monitoring Report to resolve discrepancies or ambiguities and recommend improvements.