Manydown consultation – time is short (13th Oct)

Final deadline for comments on Manydown development is Thursday 13th October 2016. is the website to visit, which has links to the materials shown at the open sessions in September (pdf file) and to the feedback form.

BTN is interested in the low-carbon sustainability of the entire estate, and notes that this is given little mention in the document, e.g.:

  • there is no commitment to make some or all of the houses be at the highest energy-efficiency standard (passivhaus);
  • it is not clear that cycling provision has been planned following best practice (the “planned” cycling provision in recent developments around the town is generally abysmal);
  • there is no true ambition in the plan to make public transport the preferred way of getting around so that fewer cars will be needed;
  • The sewage plan is to link to the existing works – where is the ambition to make a world exemplary system to extract energy from sewage?
  • and there is no evidence that Manydown will cater for the very bottom end of the housing market, e.g. planned houses-in-multiple-occupation for low-income single people.  Surely a well-planned, well-built and well-maintained HMO could actually be a DESIRABLE place to live, as well as one that minimises an individual’s carbon footprint?

Manydown represents a wonderful opportunity, but it will be missed unless there is a big change in direction.  Many small decisions could make a difference, e.g. a requirement that there be a preponderance of south-facing roofs to encourage the fitting of solar panels; but some large commitments need to be made at this stage, in particular provision for a sewage processing facility for the creation of methane gas by anaerobic digestion.