Will we get a new railway station for Manydown?

This was sent to me by an active member of Basingstoke Transition Network.  My message from it is to keep up the pressure, both at Manydown and for a station at Chineham, because the case is clear and the obstacles can be overcome if new stations are given spending priority – SP, BTN Secretary.

As one who worked for Network Rail for over 10 years, and have a life-long interest in railways, I believe you are absolutely right to push for this new station site now, even if the build does not happen straight away.

“I’m sure you won’t need me to tell you that sufficient land would need to be reserved for it; that the size of that plot may need to consider not just local traffic but ‘railheading’ by car users. You’re probably aware that Basingstoke station car park has just been ‘double decked’, such is the growth in rail traffic.

“Nor is the site choice straightforward from the railway’s point of view either. The 2-track line to Southampton is running not far off full capacity. Siting the station on the western end of the four-track section at Worting might still have an effect on line capacity to Southampton if stopping trains need to slow down/accelerate on the 2-track section to Southampton. Siting the station on the 2-track section towards Salisbury might be preferable as the current services are much lighter. However, siting the station on the curve probably won’t meet today’s safety regulations: it might need to be sited closer to Oakley – which might not find favour with Oakley residents.

“In summary, …, given the soaring popularity of rail travel, it’s ‘greener’ credentials and the opportunity to receive from part funding from a major developer, this must be the moment to kick it off.”